Rewards Program

You can earn 475 points today without even making a purchase!

With "Tee Rewards" you earn points (called Tee Pods) toward free T-shirts every time you shop.  You can also earn points by following, sharing, and liking us on social media.  And now you can earn $5 off a purchase by referring a friend (your friend will receive a 20% off coupon).  Register to begin.


More details:

Points are called "Tee Pods".

Here are the ways you earn points:

  • Register:  350 Tee Pods

Follow, Share, and Like:  25 Tee Pods each

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Share on Facebook
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Share on Twitter
  • Follow us on Twitter

Shop with us:

  • Place an order:  1 Tee Pod for every dollar spent

    Plus, you can earn 50 Tee Pods each year on your birthday!  

    Each time you accumulate 500 Tee Pods you receive $20 off any order.

    Registering + Sharing = 475 points.

    You can also share a 20% off coupon with a friend and receive $5 off when they make a purchase.