Summer 2019!

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The first day of summer this year is Friday, June 21st!  Which means it T-shirt season!  For some reason, we've been adding several new hoodie designs lately.  Just really love hoodies!  But now is the time to shift gears and get ready for some new, soft, comfy, and cool tees!  What fun fashion trends are heading our way this summer?

  1. Tie-Dye:  Prints are already everywhere this spring, and the classic Tie-Dye print will be making a comeback this summer!  I guess in these psycho times, a psychedelic print makes sense.
  2. Animal Prints:  Thank you Tom Ford!... oh and Gucci and Cavalli and Burberry... we don't need an excuse to love animal prints so it's a good thing they will be roaring into fashion this summer.
  3. Brave Prints:  Mixing, Matching, Smashing, Mashing... put em all together and be brave, bold, and .. FUN!
  4. Fluorescents:  I can get enough to be honest.  Nobody is recommending that neon colors should be the focus on any closet, but a neon pop it just perfect!
  5. Dot and Spots:  What is it about polka dots?  Who cares!  We love 'em!  And so does Prada and Herrera!
  6. Lavender! ..aka light purple?  
  7. Tartan:  Big, bold, and in your face tartan.

Put it all together and what do you get?  Pretty much whatever you want!  Find you, find something comfortable, stand out, blend in, get up, and get down!

Looking forward to what you all do with your looks this summer!

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