T-Shirt Blog Post 1: Our T-Shirt Designs

Posted by Dean Simpson on

Greetings t-shirt shopper!  I hope you're enjoying "Tees in a Pod" t-shirt designs.  New T-shirt designs are being added each day.  "Tees in a Pod" designs are unique interpretations of original or existing art that has been modified and optimized to play well with the "t-shirt medium".  Our designs address balance, line, and frame in ways that account for the unique constraints of t-shirt fashions.  We use negative space, where possible, to include the fabric as a part of the design beyond a background.  You'll notice this means that your choice of tee color can have a dramatic impact on the design.  Some designs pay homage to historical figures, others showcase wonders of the natural world, others are simply beautiful images of food or cars, and still others are designed to make you and your friends smile.  Take a look around, come back often, and make "Tees in a Pod" your first stop for fun and inspiring t-shirts.

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